How to Determine Your Vapor-Static System Return on Investment

ROI bInvesting in a new system for your cannabis or hemp operation can represent a substantial outlay. To assist in making this decision smoother, Maratek offers a helpful tool - our return on investment (ROI) calculator

This tool helps to estimate potential returns when purchasing a Vapor-Static system. The ROI calculator produces tables and charts projecting annual revenue, annual expenses, and a five-year projection. 

As a business owner, optimizing the return on your investments can significantly enhance your company’s growth. An understanding of projected expenses and potential revenue can inform the feasibility of your investment. 

So, how do you use the calculator? First schedule a call with a Maratek representative to access this calculator and receive valuable insights to inform your decision-making process.

5 Steps for Utilizing the ROI Calculator

  1. Record your operating costs.
  2. Break down your revenue.
  3. Calculate royalties.
  4. Adjust the processing constants to match your selected system.
  5. Input your equipment leasing and purchase costs.

After all your information is entered into the calculator, it will display an estimate of your pre-tax income. This breakdown includes your potential revenue and expenses before taxes each year over the next five years. 

The revenue section displays the type, quantity, and potential revenue of the products you produce. The expense section outlines the cost of your initial investment, lease payments and purchase option, biomass costs, labor costs, potential post processing costs, royalties, facility lease costs, miscellaneous expenses, and energy costs. 

At the bottom of this section, you are provided with your total expenses and the cost of goods sold. Using both the revenue and expense estimates, the calculator will provide you with your annual pre-tax income and your cumulative pre-tax income.

The next section that the calculator covers is the executive summary which addresses a few different areas. The first being a calculation of your operating days per year. Then there are the breakeven points for each product including crude oil, distillate, edibles, and vape cartridges. Following this are the cost of the oil produced and the pre-tax income. 

At this stage, your annual return on investment and your cumulative return on investment will be available to view along with the estimate of your payback period in months. 

Easy-to-Understand Data

A unique feature of this ROI calculator is its ability to automatically generate visual charts to showcase the data, such as annual revenue, expense, income, cost and pre-tax income from oil produced per kilogram, annual and cumulative pre-tax income, and break even points.

By using this calculator, you can determine the potential savings and earnings from purchasing a Vapor-Static system. 

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Currently, we offer two unit sizes for your biomass processing needs:

The VS 1000: This Vapor-Static system processes 20 – 40 pounds per hour with dimensions of 10' W x 14' L x 10' H.

The VS 5000: This Vapor-Static system processes 100 – 200 pounds per hour with dimensions of 10' W x 22' L x 16' H.

Vapor-Static technology provides substantial benefits. It significantly lowers operational costs compared to ethanol or CO2 extraction and produces oil with high cannabinoid extraction efficiency. The oil produced is ready to be distilled and contains minimal sugars, low wax content, and high potency. 

Both of Maratek’s Vapor-Static systems offer automated, continuous processing capacity and require minimal operators and limited ancillary equipment to achieve maximum throughput. Furthermore, Vapor-Static technology is 100% solventless and does not require C1D1 or C1D2. Each system is also GMP compliant, available with URS, and comes with a one-year warranty and unlimited end-user support.

Contact Maratek today to learn more about Vapor-Static technology and how it can elevate your extraction operations.

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