Exploring the Benefits of Vapor-Static Extraction for Cannabis

VaporstaticbIn the year 2020, Boulder Creek Technologies (BCT) unveiled their groundbreaking Vapor-Static extraction technology

Vapor-Static emerged as an innovative alternative to conventional cannabis and hemp extraction methods, offering an efficient means to extract oils from cannabis and hemp plant biomass - all without the use of solvents. 

In this blog, we will delve into what Vapor-Static extraction is, and explore why it stands out as an exceptional choice for cannabis and hemp extraction.

Understanding Vapor-Static Extraction

Vapor-Static technology relies on hot air as the primary agent for extracting cannabinoid oil from biomass, effectively eliminating the need for solvents. This method combines wet scrubbing and electrostatic precipitation techniques to yield high-quality cannabinoid-rich oil.

The process kicks off by introducing biomass into the Vapor-Static extraction module. Within this stage, cannabinoids are vaporized by the module's heated airflow. Subsequently, the vapor undergoes shock-cooling, transforming into a non-coalescing fog within the water module, a step that eliminates lipids and water-soluble compounds. 

The next phase unfolds in the electrostatic precipitator module, where the fog condenses into a liquid, resulting in a clean, cannabinoid-rich oil. The process culminates with the extraction of the oil from the system, ready for collection or further processing, such as distillation.

What Sets Vapor-Static Extraction Apart?

Vapor-Static extraction distinguishes itself primarily through its solventless extraction capability. By eliminating solvents from the production process, it substantially reduces long-term operational costs associated with solvent procurement. 

Moreover, these systems boast low energy consumption and minimal operational expenses, contributing to substantial cost savings. Overall, the production cost per kilogram of Vapor-Static oil is significantly lower.

The extraction method excels in producing high-quality output. Vapor-Static oil features minimal sugars, a low wax content, and exceptionally high potency. Its inherent quality renders it distillation-ready without the need for extensive post-processing, a distinct advantage over ethanol or CO2 extraction methods.

Furthermore, Vapor-Static extraction aligns with environmentally conscious practices. The waste material generated in the process is recyclable, and the absence of solvents translates to reduced expenses related to solvent disposal and recycling.

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Why Opt for Vapor-Static Extraction?

The Vapor-Static system offers a compelling means to enhance your cannabis and hemp extraction endeavors. It presents an opportunity to reduce overall production costs while consistently delivering higher quality cannabinoid oil.

Boulder Creek Technologies takes pride in engineering a safe, sustainable system tailored for commercial-scale production. Their solution caters to a wide array of product categories within the cannabis industry, including concentrates, vapes, edibles, and topicals.

Irrespective of your business's size, there exists a Vapor-Static model to suit your processing requirements. Some models are capable of processing up to 200 lbs. of biomass per hour, incorporating continuous feed operations that maximize productivity with a single operator. 

Furthermore, the turnkey installation ensures that your system is ready to save you money and produce high-quality oil right from day one. With every purchase, you can expect exceptional installation, training, and service.

For comprehensive insights into the Vapor-Static extraction system, feel free to contact us today. Maratek, in collaboration with Boulder Creek Technologies, is dedicated to addressing all your extraction needs.

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