The Impact of Air Extraction Solutions on Cannabis Extraction

Air Extraction

With the popularity of the cannabis industry growing, more producers have been attempting to discover different methods of extraction to improve process efficiencies and make a higher-quality product.

With solvent extraction and solventless extraction, most producers have seen costs on the rise. Air extraction, a method that does not require solvent, has been seen as a viable solution available to producers to cut down their costs and provide greater yields of higher quality cannabis products. 

This extraction method utilizes static electricity to extract cannabis oil out of vapor. One of the advantages of static electricity air extraction is that you are not spending money on solvent, and recycling the solvent. This helps avoid degradation of the product, and any unwanted compounds throughout the heating process. This means you will get a higher quality end product since waxes, chlorophyll, and unwanted components are removed in the process.

What is the convenience of air extraction?

When discussing air extraction among the various methods available for cannabis extraction, the quality of vapor static hemp, or vapor static cannabis provides further benefits for both producers, and consumers. 

Consumers will notice that the quality of the cannabis will be much improved, or will remain at a similar level to how it was before. However, producers will notice that the benefits mentioned previously allow for more versatility with budgeting for future projects and save money for more revenue. The systems in place for these types of procedures come with conveniences that provide organizations with more resource flexibility.

To start, a sustainable vapor-static extraction system can reduce operating costs by 80% compared to contemporary extraction methods. Due to this, it allows for greater sustainability, safety, and overall productivity. For 90% extraction efficiency, machines will only require one operator to use, allowing for more of the workforce to be present for other core business activities. 

Another feature that helps ease processes for extraction companies is that these systems help with reducing the carbon footprint they produce. 

By operating such machinery, it is important to be mindful of your environment and the impact your business has on it. Failing to do so can endanger wildlife and ecosystems alike, and companies can face lofty fines for negligence. 

With air extraction machines, you will notice that you will be helping your surrounding environment and ensuring improvements across all factors of the business. 

Maratek’s air extraction machine (in partnership with Boulder Creek Technologies), for example, is engineered for scaling, and capable of processing up to more than 5,000lbs of biomass per day. There are a lot of benefits for producers looking to improve their efficiency regarding cannabis extraction, with vapor static hemp or cannabis extraction reducing their costs by a substantial amount.

Are you interested in learning more?

Air extraction is a method that boasts the ability to help companies in various ways. Many processes and costs associated with cannabis and hemp extraction can be cut down using the machinery offered by Maratek and Boulder Creek Technologies. 

The Vapor-static extraction system is capable of producing high-quality cannabis and hemp products in an effortless manner. 

Companies suffering from having to dedicate portions of their entire budget towards maintaining and upkeep of their equipment, along with ancillary fees to make sure machines function effectively, can see a noticeable change in financial flexibility when switching over. 

Not only that, but they can also improve their impact on the environment by reducing their carbon footprint when conducting these procedures. The air extraction methods featured within the vapor-static machinery make it so that extracting cannabis or hemp is a much easier and improved process, that is simple to use and can also maintain and clean itself. 

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